About Us

Thank you for visiting Cliveden Conservation Supplies, we hope you find this site helpful and easy to use as it has been designed to make buying what you need as easy as possible. We collaborate with key building conservation product suppliers bringing with them a wealth of technical knowledge, established and proven range of products for the professional stone mason and conservator. We are proud to work alongside our suppliers who endorse the sensitive and specialist nature of our work.

We sell materials and equipment for building conservation and stone masonry projects including:

  • Stone masonry tools
  • Plastering tools
  • NHL mortars
  • Specialist repair mortars including Restone and Vicat Prompt Natural Cement
  • Mature lime putty
  • Buxton Finest Limewash
  • Beeck Mineral Paints
  • Poultice cleaning including Sepiolite clay 
Here is some additional info about our founder and Cliveden's ethos:

My name is Michael Sheppard and I am an accredited stone conservator working on stone monuments, statues, listed buildings and various other projects in between. I have been practising for over a decade and have had the pleasure of working on some very interesting, unique and challenging projects in the UK and a little further afield.

My inspiration of the conservation of stone came when I was visiting Italian family as a child and viewing all of the beautiful Tuscan and Roman architecture and statues. I wanted to ensure that future generations could see them, just as I was. This thread of enthusiasm was clear during my art college years and even in other work positions not related to conservation prior to completing my BA at Lincoln University later on in life. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some highly skilled conservation professionals in various locations and this has helped develop my own skills and ethical practises.

Conservation is a love of mine but stone masonry as a profession is definitely the main focus of mine. My working day is now mainly managing the skilled labour in our teams to complete the projects and unfortunately I rarely get to roll my sleeves up, but when I do get the opportunity I relish it. There are various letter cutting projects and smaller scale gilding and cleaning projects that I still get to wade in to. It is important to me to still be in touch with the practises on the sites and you are constantly learning new techniques.

I think the future is a bright one for conservation and the general ethos of most people is to respect our cultural heritage. I’m personally excited for the future of the stone industry and the conservation profession with the increase in interest in renovations of property in the UK and the way people are approaching sites. I have a strong belief in the protection of our heritage and that work should be approached sympathetically and confidently to ensure original intentions and designs are maintained. It is important that all other parameters are met, i.e financial constraints, safety measures and aesthetic considerations but I think that original purpose and design are the main driving factors in conservation ethics.  

Whether you are a practitioner or specify works, you will appreciate our high quality products. If you require help with your choice of materials and tools then you can contact us for free technical advice.

We offer specialist contracting services and advice on site including specifying. Some of the work we are experienced in includes lime pointing, stone cleaning, stone masonry, painting, traditional and decorative plastering, flint knapping etc. Please email Michael via the contact form to discuss your requirements if this is of interest.

If you can't find what you're looking for or need some help then please click "contact us" in the menu and drop us a line.