What is BEECK Mineral Paint ?

<p >In 1894, the company founder Ludwig Beeck developed and began production of pure active silicification mineral paints based on water glass. He achieved inseparable bonding between the coating and microporous substrate with BEECK Pure Crystalline Finish ­ A mineral paint system particularly suited for interior and exteriors of valuable historical buildings. These original formulae are still used today for the conservation of built heritage and impress with their large colour diversity and their enormous durability.

Why use Mineral Paint ?

Beeck Mineral Paint is a highly durable mineral paint that dries to a classic, matt finish.Being highly breathable yet water repellent it offers an alternative to traditional lime based and conventional coatings. It is water based and VOC free allowing walls to breathe.

Why Choose BEECK over other brands ?

Service Quality in materials, substrates and use is prerequisite for a coating to become what it should be a success for masonry experts, skilled trades workers, developers and designers. We offer the whole range of BEECK mineral paints and the full customer guarantee that comes along with purchasing such a high quality mineral paint.

Built heritage conservation As reputed stone conservators and masons we know that BEECK has stood for top quality lime and soluble water paints suited for use on historical building materials for more than 120 years. Proven on critical substrates of listed buildings and heritage sites, on which synthetic resin bonded systems frequently fail.

Economic efficiency The building or facade character, the array of colours and the light fastness of the pure mineral pigmentation enhance the status of each building for many decades. This unrivaled durability of BEECK Mineral Paints makes their use maintenance friendly and therefore economical on large scale projects or small jobs alike.

Building physics With BEECK mineral paints the capillary­active coatings have ideal open porosity, and are therefore extremely valuable in building physics terms. Thanks to silicification they form an inseparable mineral unit with the render, tend not to flake and don't form a vapour­tight, high-tension rind in when renovated. This open porosity also ensures a balanced, healthy living room climate. The high alkalinity of BEECK coatings has a mould resistant and bactericidal effect. Free from solvents, plasticisers, biocides and preservatives they fulfill the strictest room air hygiene requirements.

The advantages of Beeck mineral coatings cannot just be used on traditional building materials but also on composite materials and lightweight building components. A wide range of primers also opens up their use on substrates with weak silicification.

In aesthetic terms the matt coatings are unsurpassably attractive, especially in the modern ambience too. Traditional coating materials such as lime wash paints are especially compatible with historically valuable wall building materials such as air­lime plaster, clay or loam and natural stone. Reversible coatings and casein paints, with their vital character and blaze of colour are also anchored in building restoration and church painting and lend every listed building a very special look and feel.

Beeck mineral paints are natural mineral paints. Obtained from practically unlimited resources of raw mineral materials, they are integrated in material cycles. Free from solvents, plasticisers and biocides, they enable a healthy living environment. These paints are simply as eco­friendly as any paint can be.