As experts in masonry work and specialists in the conservation of historic and listed buildings, we constantly have to find new and innovative methods in how to approach our work. The effectiveness of what we do is largely determined by the quality of the products at our disposal.


For this we use Sepiolite clay, which is a fibrous mineral and floats on water due to a low specific gravity and high porosity. It is a superior quality stone cleaning product compared to other grades available and is suitable for stone cleaning and conservation applications. Commonly used for poultice cleaning, Sepiolite clay is a good alternative to synthetic poultice applications and is widely specified.


We recommend that you add the required weight of the clay in to a clean bucket and add the water and ammonia carbonate solution to it, stirring to avoid any lumps and unmixed areas. The clay can be mixed with other poultice medium like paper pulp if required. Be sure to check your surface areas and complete trials to make sure you are not cleaning it back too much, or too little. Contact our team if you require specific mixes and we can help.